Preparing to Sell With Your Home’s Curb Appeal

What exactly is kerb appeal, and why is it so important to have good one? Prospective homebuyers’ initial impression of a home is formed by its kerb appeal, which they see before they ever go inside. The appearance of a home’s exterior will provide clues as to what is on the other side of the front door when people come to visit. At the absolute least, the outside will have an impact on whether or not potential customers desire to enter the building in the first place. Because of this, if you want to raise the value of your home, you might concentrate on improving the kerb appeal of your property. Buyers can only conduct additional research until they are certain that the interior is worth seeing for themselves.

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Curb Appeal: What Is It and How Does It Work?


The amount of kerb appeal that a property has as visible from the street is referred to as its kerb appeal. In its most basic form, kerb appeal is a subjective judgement of a physical asset. People passing by on the highway, for example, are drawn to homes with strong kerb appeal. The house looks great and has all of the required features: the yard is well-kept, the colour is brilliant, the siding is in good shape, the roof is in good shape including the guttering being clean, and everything is in working order.

What Is the Importance of Curb Appeal?


Curb appeal is more than simply how a house appears; it’s also a useful marketing tool for a business. As a sort of advertisement that seeks to sell a home from the outside in, kerb appeal is nothing more than that. Curb appeal sets the tone for what is to come. It is more probable that a prospective consumer will look inside if the exterior of the establishment appeals to them. When it comes to selling a home, initial impressions are critical to the process. Improvements to a home’s exterior may not be as exciting as determining what to do with the kitchen, but they are more important in a number of ways. You want your property to have a “wow” factor when they first walk through the door. It shouldn’t, at the very least, discourage the great majority of people from purchasing a product. The home’s kerb appeal, on the other hand, may encourage purchasers to offer a higher price.

Your Process Should Start With The Internet, that’s Where Curb Appeal Begins


Almost ninety percent of homebuyers begin their search for a new house to move into on the internet. In contrast, if you want to attract the attention of prospective buyers, you must include photographs that demonstrate your home’s kerb appeal in your listing. Take as many shots as you can of your home at various times of the day with the best lighting possible and without any additional clutter such as vehicles, motorcycles, video games, and so on. You want to make the best impression possible when people come to your house.

Is Curb Appeal Beneficial to the Value of Your Home?


Improving a home’s exterior appeal will enhance its value and speed up the sale process. Homes are typically valued based on the quality and amenities of the interior, making it impossible for financial organisations to determine how much kerb appeal contributes to a home’s valuation. Properties with well-kept lawns and excellent landscaping, on the other hand, sell for 7% more than comparable homes with defects or unsightly front yards.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Home’s First Impression


The nice part about kerb appeal is that it’s easy to achieve with a few little tweaks to your home’s appearance. Here are six suggestions for improving the appearance of your home’s exterior.

1. Gardens

It’s pointless to spend your entire budget on the interior of your home if the outside of your home is a disaster zone. It should be your first priority to check on the condition of the lawn, landscaping, and any other trees at the front of the house. Improvements to the landscaping can be as simple or as complex as the homeowner want to make them. Start with the grass and work your way up from there. It gives the sense that the land is old, out of date, and unused when it is burned or has soil patches on it. In many cases, the cure is as simple as sowing seed and watering the lawn for a few weeks to solve the problem.

If the situation is more serious, sod or artificial grass may be a viable option. After that, concentrate your efforts on the area that is closest to the structure. Bushes that have become overgrown or lifeless are an eyesore. As a result, they must either be trimmed or replaced entirely. It is also necessary to edit the field titled “mulch.” The appearance of a home’s exterior can be completely transformed by adding a fresh covering of mulch. Drive down the street and make a note of the first thing that strikes your attention as you approach the house to get a full picture of the home’s kerb appeal before pulling up. These are the items that will be discovered by others.

2. The Roof

It is important to not just consider environmental improvements but also to consider the physical condition of your property, particularly the roof. Few elements have the ability to either turn away or impress prospective buyers more than a home’s roof, despite the fact that it is not typically viewed as the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of a property to begin with. A higher return on your investment would be obtained by replacing an old roof with a new one that has only a few years left on it and attempting to sell the house for less than the original purchase price. Consumers who are getting a good bargain on a house may not want to invest their own money on a new roof after closing on the house. If they believe they will want a new roof within a few years, they will almost certainly submit a low-ball quote.


3.  Exterior


It is important to not just consider environmental improvements but also to consider the physical condition of your property, particularly the roof. Few elements have the ability to either turn away or impress prospective buyers more than a home’s roof, despite the fact that it is not typically viewed as the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of a property to begin with. A higher return on your investment would be obtained by replacing an old roof with a new one that has only a few years left on it and attempting to sell the house for less than the original purchase price. Consumers who are getting a good bargain on a house may not want to invest their own money on a new roof after closing on the house. If they believe they will want a new roof within a few years, they will almost certainly submit a low-ball quote.


4.  Driveway


Driveway maintenance is another another outside feature that is frequently overlooked. Even while your driveway isn’t in need of replacement or resealing, it shouldn’t be in poor condition either. Driveways that are weed-infested or cracked do not give a positive impression of your home. It only takes a bottle of weed killer and twenty minutes of labour to get this back in working order. If you’re working with a limited budget, stick to simply cleaning the areas that require the most attention.

5. Front Entrance


The one thing you can’t seem to stop doing every time you go into your home is what I’m talking about. The key to unlocking your front door is in your hands. As an alternative to removing the door and replacing it, consider whether a fresh coat of paint would be sufficient to bring it up to date. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, investing in a new door is a prudent decision that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

6. Bonus Tips


If you want to give yourself the greatest chance possible to rent or sell your property, there are a few additional things you can do to improve your kerb appeal and increase its value. You should assess which aspects of your home need to be modernised and which do not. Analyze the current condition of your own home and evaluate which sections require repair or replacement. Remember to keep an eye out for the following signs:

Mold and mildew: Any signs of mould or mildew should be removed as soon as possible because they can turn away potential clients. Better still, strive to eliminate any and all sources of moisture that may be the source of the problem.

Windows and gutters are crucial components of kerb appeal, regardless of whether they need to be mended, swept, or replaced entirely.

Nobody has access to the tools that you need to keep the residence in good condition. As a result, double-check that everything is in its right place before continuing. Everything, from garbage cans to hoses to lawnmowers, should be kept out of sight and out of mind.

Lighting: Curb appeal is not only important during the daylight. You should make every effort to make your home as inviting at night as it is during the day. A low-voltage lighting system can be installed along the street, on the sidewalks, and in the vicinity of landscaping features. A decorative lamp might be placed on your front porch, if you so desire. If you adorn your home with attractive lights at night, your efforts will be noticed and appreciated.

Upgrade Your Mailbox: If your mailbox is located in front of your property, upgrading an old one will increase kerb appeal for your home. For as little as $20, you may upgrade your mailbox to a more advanced one. Before you begin, double-check that you are complying with all of the laws of your city and surrounding community.

Replace any outdated, deteriorating, or broken house numbers in order to improve the kerb appeal of the neighbourhood. New numbers can be acquired for as little as $2.00 each number, however personalised plaques can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 per plaque. For a more coherent effect, try to match the finish of the new numerals to the finish of the light fixtures in your home.

The exterior of the home has a lot of kerb appeal.

Make sure your home airconditioning is in good working order and servicing is current. Also make sure all the remotes are accounted for. Extra doubt and complication means lower selling prices.



You should now have a better idea of what kerb appeal is and why it is important, thanks to all of the things you can do to improve the appearance of your home’s kerb appeal. Even if one of these renovations proves to be more expensive than you anticipated, it is likely that it will have a major impact on the sale price of your property. Increased kerb appeal will help you attract more people, even if it is essential to spend time and money on the interior of your establishment.

The moment has come to experiment with some do-it-yourself home improvement ideas if the prospect of improving your home’s kerb appeal makes you squirm. With the exterior of your home, you want to make a positive and welcoming first impression on prospective homebuyers. Check out these quick and easy DIY kerb appeal ideas that will have shoppers falling in love with your property even before they go through the front door.

Start by taking a walk around the perimeter of your building.
As a homeowner, you most certainly travel from your mailbox to your front door on a daily basis—or from your driveway to your home—to get to your destination. Majority of homebuyers’ attention is drawn to the tiny details of a property such as landscaping, lawn, pathways, the front entry, lighting, and the overall appeal of the home’s façade. Therefore, you as the seller would stroll through the entire house and make a mental note of all of the areas that require attention and maintenance.

Take a step back and look at your home’s kerb appeal from a distance to determine how appealing it is. The first time a potential customer comes to your home, it’s critical that you experience your home through their eyes. Make a visual inspection of your mailbox and the pavement or driveway leading up to your home, looking for gaps, weeds, and other ugly debris. Also look for any landscaping that needs to be trimmed.

2. A small quantity of colour may make a big difference.

A male homeowner decides to paint the outside of his house red in order to increase kerb appeal.
An inexpensive gallon of paint can make a significant difference when it comes to finding front yard kerb appeal ideas to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. Allow yourself to choose a vibrant colour to distinguish your home from your neighbours’; just make sure it complies with any current Homeowners’ Association bylaws, if any, before proceeding. Consider painting the house’s trim, windows, and shutters in a complementary colour to the walls.

Even though painting the house is a cost-effective project (paint costs approximately $25 per gallon), it will take a long time. Depending on the size of your home, you should plan on spending at least two full days painting.

3. Plant a tree in your front or back yard.

If you want to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, consider planting flowers in the yard. This kerb appeal concept is a fundamental undertaking that will increase the energy efficiency and longevity of your home.

If you have adequate space, you can plant two trees to serve as a backdrop for your home or doorway. It only takes a few of hours to plant a tree, and you can get plants for as little as $50 on

4. Include some floral arrangements in the mix.

It is easy, convenient, and inexpensive to bring colour to your home by placing flowers throughout it. Flower boxes placed in the windows of your home or on the front porch will enhance the kerb appeal of your property while also adding a dash of colour. Flower boxes are available at a reasonable price. You’ll need to purchase some fertiliser as well as bulbs, of course. Plan to water and maintain your flowers in advance of putting your home on the market to ensure that it looks its best.

5. Keep pathways, roadways, and hardscape areas in a safe condition.

Don’t forget about your home’s hardscape, which includes places such as the concrete driveway and walkways, even though it may be tempting to concentrate solely on the landscaping, or “softscape.” Using a pressure washer, clean the walkways to remove trash and grime and give them a fresh appearance. Inspect paver blocks, stepping stones, or bricks to ensure that they are securely in place and that persons travelling to and from your property have a safe path to follow.

6. Consult with a representative from your local home improvement store.

When it comes to landscaping and maintaining the exterior of your home, it’s easy to get sidetracked by other things. In addition, you are unsure of which plants to utilise in which regions of your home, as well as which shrubbery kinds will thrive in your climate. Consult with your local nursery for suggestions on what would be the most appropriate for your space.

Despite the fact that hiring a landscaper or gardener is an option, doing the work yourself will save you money in the long run. Take advantage of professional assistance when it comes to picking proper seeds, fertilising your lawn, and laying down groundcover such as mulch or gravel. Keep in mind that your local home improvement store has a wealth of information waiting for you right around the corner.

7. Add a splash of colour to the exterior of your home.

Adding new lighting fixtures to your home will instantly improve the appearance of the space and raise its kerb appeal. When selecting new fixtures for your home, keep in mind both the function and the aesthetics. Take care to ensure that the lamps you choose will provide adequate illumination for your entryway. In order to make installation as simple as possible, choose fixtures that attach to the wall in the same way as your existing lighting.

8. Purchase a new mailbox.

Even if you have a normal mailbox by the road or a box attached to your home, this easy upgrade will convey to potential clients that you are concerned with even the slightest detail. In actuality, when it comes to a home’s kerb appeal, a mailbox can be the difference between success and failure.

The best part about it is that it is a cost-effective solution. From $20 to $100, a new mailbox is a relatively inexpensive purchase.

When it comes to installing a mailbox, DIY Network’s Tiffany Bell recommends that you “be sure to follow the rules that are established in the community that you live in.” “If you already have a basic mailbox put on your roof, this home improvement project might be completed in less than an hour. Expect to take at least 2 hours or more to complete the home repair project if you have a full-size mailbox on the property’s property line.

Customers should be greeted with a friendly entry.
Now that you’ve completed the major panoramas of your home, it’s time to turn your attention to the front entrance area. Your front stairway, railings, porch, fence, address numbers, and lighting are all examples of what is included in this cost estimate. Both of these pieces should be inspected for signs of wear and tear before use.

Consider painting or staining the front door with a new coat of paint or wood dye, as well as polishing or replacing the door hardware. Investing in fresh garden furniture cushions and a welcoming mat will brighten your porch and welcome potential homeowners without breaking the budget. In addition, placing beautiful potted flowers or hanging plants near your front door will create a pleasant environment for your customers until they unlock the door!

10. Change the numbers on the house to new numbers.

Nothing puts a crimp on a home search faster than a prospective buyer being unable to find your property in the first place. Whether your house numbers have vanished or have become out of date, it is time to replace them in order to improve the kerb appeal of your home.

Look for new house numbers that are made of aluminium, bronze, or even steel to attract the attention of potential buyers. This finish should, if possible, be a complementary match to the finish on the exterior light fixtures on your home.

Remove the excuses for why you are unable to increase the kerb appeal of your home this season. It is possible that your home will be the next one that homebuyers come across in the area.

It is possible to boost your kerb appeal in a number of cost-effective, simple, enjoyable, and beautiful ways, whether you are trying to sell your home or simply want to create a warm and welcome outside for your home.

After all, the initial few thoughts are the most important.

The most important things to remember are to be clear and consistent in your communication. You shouldn’t go to great efforts to develop complicated and involved facades, and you shouldn’t spend a fortune assembling all of the necessary information to put it all together. Maintain a consistent aesthetic that is appropriate for you, your colleagues, and your environment. If you try to juggle too many ideas at the same time, the result will be disorganised and chaotic.

So, consider this: what do I find enjoyable? Is it feasible to be country chic while living in the city? What is current minimalism and how does it differ from previous generations? Bright, colourful, and eye-catching colours? Yes, please!

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to flesh out your approach and establish which areas should be given top priority. You can also make use of the following four tips to enhance the appearance of your home’s outside.

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